Our sacred space

Come as you are.


The Hive

This thoughtfully designed space has a “farmhouse yogi vibe” which was inspired by Kris’ love for nature.

The clean, white ship-lap walls represent ether (space). No mirrors allow students to let go of judgment and focus more inward.

A tin waterfall represents the water element.

Earth elements such as rocks, wood and plants breathe fresh oxygen and life into the room.  Grounding wood floors and thousand-year-old teak shelves neatly hold all of our Manduka props. 

Natural light is abundant in the five windows that face west (beautiful sunsets). They are framed with handmade shutters that are painted with colors that represent the elements.

The sun is represented by the therapeutic infrared heat panels that are built into the ceiling to warm you comfortably inside and out. Also gracing the ceiling are the Edison chandeliers that resemble honey drips, so we never forget the sweetness of life. The candles represent the light within each of us.

Kris invites everyone to feel comfortable here and has created meditation time in the day for members to come in and simply Bee.


The Boutique

The boutique is designed to Bee warm and welcoming. Beautiful and historic pieces of furniture (from Ginger Blossom in Richmond, Illinois) welcome yogis to the sacred space.

The ceiling was made from distressed tin from an old silo. There are barn doors that separate the boutique from the Hive. 

Complimentary tea samples await you after each class. We also provide tea “to go” in exchange for a donation to the Lake County Beekeepers Association.

A unique selection of  yoga clothes and accessories are also for sale. We proudly carry Manduka, Slightly Buddha, Mika, Soul Flower, Onzie, Big Dipper Wax Works and Just Bee merchandise.

Every square inch of this space has been touched with the love of family and friends. It is now a home for all to simply Bee!