A place to bee.


Just Bee Yoga evolved from two of my greatest passions: yoga and nature.

I've always been fascinated by the dance of the bee and the role bees play in nature. For me, the bee represents love. The bee spreads its pollen from one flower to another to sustain life. The word yoga means to connect mind, body and spirit. Like the bees, we have the opportunity to connect with one another to love and sustain our spiritual humanity. 

The pollination process also symbolizes our social nature. Bees live and work as a community within their hive. My vision for Just Bee Yoga is to create a nurturing environment for people to Bee who they are, without judgement. 

I truly believe that we all have the power to inspire each other to strive to Bee the best that they can Bee. As a hive, let's give back and let our actions serve others.

It was important for me to create a space that reflects nature and its elements. In nature we can accept things just as they are, without judgement. We can take this same approach when we practice yoga.  I invite you to let go and just Bee. 

-Kris Rumzis, Founder and CEO